Vacuum Cleaner Repair

We Service & Repair Most Makes and Model Vacuum Cleaners

  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Fast turn Around (1-7 days average)
  • Complimentary tune ups (machines purchased from us)
  • Complimentary loaners available
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Vacuum Sales: canister vacuums, upright vacuums. Vacuum cleaner repair

We Sell New and Refurbished Vacuum Cleaners:

For many years we have service and repair vacuum cleaners for customers in Centennial and Littleton. Our repairs are done by experienced technicians. We are able to handle any vacuum cleaner repair matter. We repair most makes and models of vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers. We sell the ones that we rarely see for repair! We believe that this is why we’ve been able to be successful as a small business in a world where the “big box” stores have been dominating the marketplace with their high-volume, low price, no customer service strategies. We fix more vacuums than anyone else! We guarantee all of our work and offer a 90 day warranty on all of our labor.

Trusting a repair requires reading some reviews and having fist hand experience with a repair shop. Centennial vacuum repair shop is the best repair shop around. We repair all kind of home appliances especially vacuums, our shop has many years of experience repairing vacuums and other home appliances mostly in the towns of Centennial, Englewood and Littleton Colorado. These repairs that are done by a pool of experienced technicians.

If you are living in Centennial, Littleton, Englewood and surrounding in this area of Colorado, worry no more. Centennial Vacuum Repair shop is within the area to help you fix your vacuum cleaners so as you can continue enjoy a clean and fresh home. Centennial is able to deal with all kinds of vacuum models including Miele Vacuum brands, Hoover vacuums, Oreck Vacuums, Dyson Vacuums, SHARK vacuums, iRobot Vacuums, Kirby vacuums, Panasonic vacuums, and Rexair and Sanatar vacuums. Their repair service also includes carpet shampooers and all other small brands in the market.

Apart from Coffee machines, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners repair and servicing us also repair and service kitchen small appliances, amplifiers and turntables, sharpening and repair of knife, television sets and VCRs plus typewriters. Our policy of “if you can carry it, we can fix it” allows you to bring your TV or VCR that has a problem to our shops and then we will be able diagnose using your background information and within moments you will have your appliance back, and well, fixed. We deal with major models and brands of all the above named small appliances.

Other than servicing and repairs Centennial Inc also sells new and even refurbished vacuums. We are able to spend considerable time in explaining about vacuum repair and in relation to purchasing a new vacuum according to individual cases. Our vacuums thereby become a new hope for customers when their old ones breakdown. Apart from selling vacuums, of course refurbished and new ones we provide also vacuum purchase and repair estimates, installations, bag and belt replacement and even cleanings.

There is no reason to try anyone in servicing and repairing home repairs, trust Centennial for quality care and better service. We guarantee our services with a 90 day warranty. So if you are looking for a low priced, high volume and guaranteed service, call Centennial Vacuum Repair Shop.