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Lamp Repair

We service and Repair antique lamps, lamp switch repair, tizio lamp most reliable and experienced lamp repair service center! With more than 32 years of experience in the lighting and repair industry, Lamp Repair Center can meet your customer needs.

What we do at Lamp Repair Center?

  • Fix Broken Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Restore Antique Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Replace Parts for Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Crystal Chandelier Cleaning
  • Ceramic, Glass, Wood and Crystal Drilling
  • European Conversion
  • Low Voltage Installation and Repair
  • Transform, Build & Design a Variety of Objects Into Unique Lighting Options
  • Re-Wire Outdated Lamps, Fixtures & Chandeliers
  • Remove, Move, Install, Reinstall, Replace All Types of Lighting Fixtures (High-Hanging Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Ceiling Fans – Everything!)
  • Our Experience
  • Our Affordable Prices
  • Our Design Capabilities
  • Our In-House Stock of Products
  • Our Reputation
  • Our Reliability
  • Our Convenience

Repair and Restoration

Our lamp repair department and qualified staff takes pride in the repair and restoration of your valued lighting, including rewiring, cleaning, and conversion from European to American wiring. No job is too small or too big for us. We enjoy the transformation of beautiful lighting.
A Lamp and Fixture repairs many types of lamps and fixtures. From cleaning, rewiring and reconstructing chandeliers, to retrofitting European lighting fixtures for use in the United States.
With over 32 years of experience and hundred of parts, we can repair most antique, collectable and imported lighting.
We approach each job in the “old world” way, with safety as our main concern.


Industrial light fixture, designed by Peter Behrens, around 1915.
Fixture manufacturing began soon after production of the incandescent light bulb. When practical uses of fluorescent lighting were realized after 1939, the three leading companies to produce various fixtures were Lightolier, Artcraft Fluorescent Lighting Corporation, and Globe Lighting in the United States.

Lamp types.

Arc lamps
Xenon arc lamp, Yablochkov candle
Incandescent lamp
A-lamp, Parabolic aluminized reflector lamp (PAR), reflector lamp (R), bulged reflector lamp (BR) (refer to lamp shapes)
Obsolete types: limelight, carbon button lamp, Mazda (light bulb), Nernst glower
Novelty: Lava lamp
Special purpose: heat lamp, Globar, gas mantle
Halogen – special class of incandescent lamps
Gas-discharge lamp and high-intensity discharge lamp (HID)
Mercury-vapor lamp, Metal-halide (HMI, HQI, CDM), Sodium vapor or “high-pressure sodium”
Neon sign,
Plasma lamp
Fluorescent lamp, compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), Induction lamp, blacklight.
Cold cathode
Fiber optics
Light-emitting diode (LED) (solid-state lighting)